Saturday, May 7, 2011


I want more JOY, sunshine, ocean waves, campfires, hiking, smiles, courage, hope, seashells,.  I want less fear, questioning myself, insecurity.
I miss being kissed. . .I remember my first kiss ever. . .well, the one that I technically allowed to count as my 1st kiss, was a foreign exchange student from Siberia.  I wanted it to be perfect. . .and for a moment it was. . .  The girls I went to that party with screamed and giggled with me in the car when we were leaving the party.  It was a rush, and it made me feel so excited.  There have been some memorable kisses along the journey. 
It has been so long since I experienced a sweet kiss.  I long for that, simple and tender.  Tilt my head back and feel soft lips, taste sweet breath and a gently dancing tongue attached to a yummy fun guy with strong arms and a sexy smile.  It is like playing a guess who kind of game, what will this new man be like?  I can't see him clearly in my mind, but I know he's out there.  New lips, a new voice, new love.  It will find me, it will find me.  I will be patient for it.  A sweet one who understands me and who wants to know me inside, and experience life with me.  For now it is just me and I pour out my energy and recharge my own energy.  I embrace the cycle, be filled with the light and it will be a beacon to the love I crave. . .When I found the glass heart on the beach, it filled me with hope that this path is meant to be.  In the meantime I will sway to the music in my soul and hope that love will sing back my tune. . .


point4 said...

I love your photos and your words. You are such an artist and its so neat to see it fanning out into your life right now because it was closed up for so long when you were afraid for the world to see it.

Michelle said...

Thank you love. I feel so inspired in this time in my life. The beauty that I am attracting into my world fills me with joy. No more fear!