Sunday, January 31, 2010


I found these poems in one of my many little spiral notebooks in storage box today.
I wrote them ten years ago.

She is lost in a maze


for the little girl

the woman

in the window reflection

she sees the future


but she's trapped in

the reflection

"peer past the past"

she whispers

"don't be afraid."

She looks all around

and sees

glimpses of herself

little pieces of what

she left along the way.

Go back and pick them up

and then shut the


Don't hold on any longer

There's nothing barring

the door

nothing but your own


try it.

Try the new door.

No one is keeping you from moving on

imaginary locks

they aren't there.

"Open the door"

the past whispers in unison,

voices from lost loves.

"You can do it"-

see what lies beyond the hurt of the past

venture ahead.

"Leave us behind.

It's time!"


Trust yourself


all that happens to you

fits into a bigger picture

you'll see someday it will make sense

you can make it through

all of the past

shake the dust off of your stagnant


Let it soar!

You can go anywhere

Let it all go

before it drags you down further.


A ship abandoned at sea.

It is not meant to be.

The ship once held her captive.

She sailed alone-

picking up the occasional drifter

men on driftwood

trying to stay afloat

She tried to help them

she pulled them aboard

and gave them all that she had

She did not ration her feelings

She poured them out openly

and the drifter filled up on the rations quickly.

She forgot to save some for herself.

She began to starve and would cling to the drifter

begging to be filled in return.

The drifter was frightened,

too much to ask-

He jumped into the sea.

She sadly watched him sink.

The pattern repeated

one day she looked down at herself-

for she had not realized before

she had shackles on her wrists,

but there were no chains holding her to the ship.

She didn't realize until one day that she was

not trapped.

She jumped into a life boat

and left the ship behind.

Abandoned the ship she thought she

would inhabit forever.

She floated to shore and put her feet on the ground.

The earth stable under her feet

instead of the shaky sea.

No more drifters would distract her from her


She planted new thoughts and feelings

and they grew

flourished like nothing she had ever given away

to the drifters.

Refreshing and fulfilling

she tended them and knew

that when the man on the land would come

She could give him as much as he wanted,

and she would still be nourished herself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

one of my favorites


Believe you are enough and you are.  Believe you are complete and you are.  Believe you have everything you need and you do.  Believe you will find peace and you will.  Believe the truth will be revealed to you and it will.  Trust your inner compass.  Trust your heart.  Ask the questions on your heart.

Monday, January 25, 2010

fill my empty room with the sun

This video is pretty cool.  I found this song on a Paste Magazine free cd a few years ago.  I liked the song when it was released, and after I saw the video I liked it even more!  Learning to let go and not carry all the baggage of the past makes for a smoother ride.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

thinking about. . .

Last days of fall. . .

taking on "the list".

Stamping and journaling

how content is this kitty?

What's on your mind today?

Monday, January 11, 2010

33 things to do before i turn 34

I am turning 33 years old at the end of this month.  I was inspired by hula seventy's list. . .and thought it sounded like fun!  Here's my challenge for the year.  I am excited to start checking things off the list! 

This is a time to process, grow, heal and savor every moment of the journey!

1. learn how to knit
2. buy a pair of brown boots.
3. learn how to use photoshop
4. start planning European vacation (and putting money in a fund for it)
5. make homemade goat cheese
6. go to a poetry reading (haven't done that since my early 20's!)
7. visit Jenni in Jersey and explore in NYC
8. make a cool new friend in Pittsburgh
9. take a tai chi class
10. write a short story.
11. get in the habit of waking weekdays at 6:00 am.
12. finish mosaic art project
13. start a photo journal of recipes my honeypie and I try.
14. re-read Jane Austen's seven novels.
15. volunteer my time--find a cause I believe in and go!
16. get a tattoo!
17. learn a chord on the guitar.
18. pay off my credit card debt. (it isn't that bad--so completely do-able!)
19. enjoy an evening in downtown Pittsburgh. see a play, musical or ballet
20. go to Lilith Fair
21. take a train ride to Philadelphia
22. go on a creative retreat (or make up my own)
23. memorize a poem
24. eat at an Ethiopian restaurant
25. Learn how to drive stick.(eeek)
26. keep a food journal on livestrong website
27. learn one new "updo" for my hair from my cool cousin!
28. take the laptop to the beehive for inspiration!
29. get a new car
30. use pattern from Sublime Stitching and embroider something nifty.
31.make Breakfast Lunch Tea lunch and invite guests to partake.
32. random road trip--throw a dart at a map and drive!
33. publish something!

What's on your list?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Moonville Ghost

A few years ago I caught a picture in a haunted tunnel-this is the close up of the shadow figure.