Thursday, January 12, 2012

patience and silent anger

I learned something the other day when I visited a Buddhist temple and I was listening to the monk's message.  There is a big difference between patience and sitting in angry silence.  To truly be patient, is to feel completely ok with your current situation.  To be at peace with your thoughts and not to allow circumstances to get in the way of that peace.  To practice true patience is to give up all the things that aren't healthy for our minds.  Poison thoughts.  One way is to always think the best of others.  To recognize the weakness I may have, but not to dwell upon them.  Think upon good things and if I don't accept the current situation, take the steps needed to make it better.  If I can't be at peace with my current situation, then I am not practicing true patience.

I am choosing to wave goodbye to the past.  I choose a path that builds energy and enlightens.


point4 said...

Beautifully written, just like you :)

Leigh said...

Michelle, this is a beautiful page, website,blog, whatever you call it, it is so great...yes, beautiful, just like you are!!!