Sunday, November 27, 2011

my voice

 Not sure why I don't say what I am thinking or feeling sometimes.  The voice, my voice is ignored by me.  My thoughts tossed aside, unheard.  I feel like I am shouting but there aren't any words coming out.  If I ignore my voice how can I expect anyone else to listen?  I act as if my opinion does not matter and instead I play along.  I don't understand myself sometimes.  What do I really want?
 If you aren't willing to truly let down the walls then the baring of the truth cannot be revealed.  Oh the protective walls I've built all around me.  My flesh, my fantasies blocking me from true happiness.  Just enjoy and relax.  I don't need to figure everything out right now.
No matter how different our personalities are we are all connected by the need to be loved and understood.  We desire, we want to be accepted and held.  We want the people we love to be proud of us.  Our worth is determined by how much we value ourselves.  What is important, and what makes us feel like a success or a failure?
I want to find my voice once again.

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