Wednesday, November 2, 2011

breaking out of the shell

Do we ever really start over from scratch.  How do you remove the stains and cracks and aches from the past?  Is it possible to look upon the world with a fresh perspective?  I tear away at the dead layers of past skin that doesn't matter anymore.  Wiser, stronger, more aware.  There is a line to walk between being cautious and scared.
There is always risk involved when you are vulnerable to another person.  It is exciting to get to know someone new.  New eyes look upon my glow, new words, thoughts, new music to match my dance.  Trust it and go with the flow.  A hand in my hand grasping gently in the direction of a new adventure.  It is foggy and beautiful, and the time is right for enjoying the moments as they come.
A chance that is taken is better than remaining in my protective shell.

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