Wednesday, October 29, 2008

can't you read the sign?

How will the snowmobiles find their way through the forest?

Someone felt pretty strongly about this topic to make this compelling statement.

I admire the determination of the person(s) that this sign was made for, I don't even run, and I can see where I am going!

in a perfect world
there would be road signs to tell us where to go,
so that we know we are going the right way
there would be no war
dessert would be free of calories
we could live for today and not dwell on the hurt and guilt of the past
we would be honest with each other and not hide behind fear
there would be no road rage
you could trust people at their word
there would be enough love to fill us all
change and compromise wouldn't be so hard
we wouldn't have to worry about being vulnerable
because no one would ever try to hurt us
we could be two places at once
we could tear down the walls.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

capturing a clothespin

this is a clothespin and a sunset. good day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

make a wish

We took a hike yesterday and it was a chilly beautiful morning. When the wind picked up a little bit, the leaves blasted from the trees and floated all around us. I had to catch a leaf in the air and make a wish on it. . .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a day in the country

A day to cherish, a chance to spend time with family, bask in the light of a mighty bonfire and the opportunity to take in a beautiful fall day. I bought a gallon of fresh apple cider that was so delicious. I also purchased Gala apples to make caramel apple bars. I will let you know how yummy they are once I make them. The roadside shop we where we stopped had closed for the day, but they kindly reopened to accommodate us. We walked through the orchard with our arms full, excited to enjoy the treasures we had just found.

When the sun went down I went for a walk in the cemetery behind my grandpa's house. There was a brilliant sunset, perfect photo opportunity.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bliss and joy

After a stressful work day, it is nice to spend some quality time on the cross trainer with The Lemonheads, Mogwai, Norah Jones, Nickel Creek, The Cure, and Tori Amos (of course). That sounds like a half an hour worth of music. I don't get to the gym quite as often as I should. All right, almost never. But I have good intentions. Honest, I do. I actually made it to the gym tonight. It was a crap rainy day, my honey had to work late and I figured "what the hey". (Oh no, I am starting to talk like Sarah Palin!) Yikes!
When I got home I made a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with goat cheese, and some Spanish cheese I picked up at Whole Foods on my yumm-o rosemary bread. So much for the calories I burned on the cross trainer. (Waaaaa, waaaa.) If you have ever seen Debbie Downer on Saturday Night Live, that is the sound I was going for. . .
I took a wonderful bath with my Lush marshmallow melting moment bath melt. It looks like a cupcake. ( I lit a strawberry candle and got comfortable. Corny, maybe, but I listened to Enya, while soaking in my marshmallow heaven and had a moment of bliss.
You can't have a perfect bath without following it up with a cup of tea, so the tea is poured and I am about to enjoy hot apple cider tea. mmmmmmmmm!
I am going to take the time to pamper myself like this more often. I deserve it! So do you! Now I am ready for the rest of the work week.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ah, the weekend passes by too quickly. The darkness comes so early, a sign that winter is approaching. Yuck!
The aromatic scent of rosemary bread drifts into the living room. The timing was off on the bread, so it will have to go with tomorrow's dinner.
The weekend was filled with fun shops, yummy food and good conversation with my visiting cousin.
My new favorite appetizer: Saganaki. Breaded and pan-fried Greek cheese flamed with Ouzo and extinguished with lemon. WOW! We experienced this wonderful treat at the Gypsy Cafe on the South Side. So so good!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

you're a dream to me

i am listening to pandora radio and the cranberries song "dreams" came on and it made me smile.

I spent the weekend at a cabin in the forest with my parents this past weekend and it was so good to get away. Life away from traffic and craziness. It is good to slow down and take in your surroundings. I always feel like my blood pressure drops to normal when I hear birds chirping and can inhale air that smells like Christmas with each breath. The chipmunk and the mushroom are my friends. When I get stressed out or overwhelmed, nature always centers me.

I even let my mom beat me three games of Scrabble because that is her favorite game and she likes to make up her own dictionary. :-)