Wednesday, October 29, 2008

can't you read the sign?

How will the snowmobiles find their way through the forest?

Someone felt pretty strongly about this topic to make this compelling statement.

I admire the determination of the person(s) that this sign was made for, I don't even run, and I can see where I am going!

in a perfect world
there would be road signs to tell us where to go,
so that we know we are going the right way
there would be no war
dessert would be free of calories
we could live for today and not dwell on the hurt and guilt of the past
we would be honest with each other and not hide behind fear
there would be no road rage
you could trust people at their word
there would be enough love to fill us all
change and compromise wouldn't be so hard
we wouldn't have to worry about being vulnerable
because no one would ever try to hurt us
we could be two places at once
we could tear down the walls.

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