Saturday, January 1, 2011

how my list looks a year later. . .

1. learn how to knit (I did learn!) but i need to take some more lessons.
2. buy a pair of brown boots. (I did get a cute pair!)3. learn how to use photoshop (I found picnik)4. start planning European vacation (and putting money in a fund for it)-well, not exactly ready for this yet.5. make homemade goat cheese-nope.6. go to a poetry reading (haven't done that since my early 20's!)-nope.7. visit Jenni in Jersey and explore in NYC-I did this!!8. make a cool new friend in Pittsburgh-I met a couple of cool friends before I moved away.9. take a tai chi class-nope.10. write a short story.-partially wrote a few.11. get in the habit of waking weekdays at 6:00 am.-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. no.12. finish mosaic art project-nope.  But did a lot of other art projects.13. start a photo journal of recipes my honeypie and I try.-I don't have a honeypie anymore, but I did organize all my recipes.14. re-read Jane Austen's seven novels.  I didn't--work in progress.15. volunteer my time--find a cause I believe in and go! I signed up to read to children at a hospital, hasn't happened yet.16. get a tattoo!-I know what I want to get, I almost did it.17. learn a chord on the guitar.-guitar is in storage.18. pay off my credit card debt. (it isn't that bad--so completely do-able!) ALMOST THERE!19. enjoy an evening in downtown Pittsburgh. see a play, musical or ballet--NOPE.20. go to Lilith Fair--didn't make it there this year.21. take a train ride to Philadelphia--rode in a Mini with Candice to Philly.  Took a train ride from Seattle to Portland!22. go on a creative retreat (or make up my own)--guess I definitely made up my own.23. memorize a poem-didn't work on this one.24. eat at an Ethiopian restaurant--I didn't try Ethiopian, but I did try Korean in NYC!  YUM!25. Learn how to drive stick.(eeek)--didn't happen.26. keep a food journal on livestrong website--lasted for a few weeks.27. learn one new "updo" for my hair from my cool cousin!--Didn't learn a new hairstyle, but I did get a rockin' new do.28. take the laptop to the beehive for inspiration!-CHECK!29. get a new car-Not this year. 30. use pattern from Sublime Stitching and embroider something nifty. Nope.31.make Breakfast Lunch Tea lunch and invite guests to partake.--Maybe this spring instead.32. random road trip--throw a dart at a map and drive!-I absolutely had a random trip--through Seattle and Portland.  I did a lot of random driving around Ohio too.33. publish something!--didn't do this one.Reflecting back on this past year's experiences, it was a lot of bittersweetness.  Heartbreak, loss, healing, hoping and releasing.  I leave 2010 knowing that the changes that occured were due to my newfound self respect and the grace of God.  It is hard to keep that perspective sometimes when the doubt and worry creeps in, but I know that it is all for the best. 
I must also remember that sometimes, shit just happens.  No one to blame, and it is out of our hands.  Control and perfection are the enemies of happiness.Freedom, friendship, adventure and a future wide open in front of me.  I am surrounded in love.  It is a great life, and I am so blessed.  2011 is going to be awesome, I can feel it.  Luckily, the light outshines the darkness in my life and no matter how far I feel like I fall down the rabbit hole sometimes, there is always a hand to grab to pull me back. 
the format of this is screwed up and for some reason I can't fix it.  Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Lofty goals . . . I like the poetry reading best, I've never been to one!

My best