Monday, January 24, 2011

34 things to do before I turn 35

34 things to do before I turn 35

1.      Eat at an Ethiopian restaurant

2.      Take a photography class

3.      Visit San Francisco

4.      Get a tattoo

5.      Knitting lessons. . .again

6.      Take guitar lessons. . .again. 

7.      Go kayaking

8.       Conquer Seattle

9.      Climb more mountains

10.  Get a new bicycle

11.  Write a song

12.  Join a crafting club

13.  Write more handwritten letters

14.  Find unique pieces to decorate my new world

15.  Visit more flea markets

16.  Smile more, I got these dimples might as well use them. :-)

17.  Get rid of possessions that I don’t need

18.  Go out on fun dates with cute guys

19.  Choose joy everyday

20.  Forgive the past, change my perspective

21.  Listen to my heart

22.  Pray every day

23.  Be happy!

24.  Find rewarding work

25.  Go scared—doesn’t matter if I have fear—go anyways!

26.  Try different meditation techniques

27.  Find a yoga class

28.  Keep complaining out of my daily thoughts

29.  Write every day

30.  Go for more walks

31.  Let go and let God

32.  Finish projects that I started

33.  Bless all who enter my life with light and love

34.  Get a pair of rain boots for puddle splashing