Saturday, May 30, 2009

try try try

This is my chance to let all the creativity flow out from me that I have always dreamed. I am only here once and this is my time. This moment right now, is what matters. Michelle, you are capable of being and doing anything your heart desires. You have to try try try. I saw those words spray painted on a staircase on a strange road that I found myself lost on the other day.

I was attempting to take Bill his dinner and I thought that I would take the road less traveled. Well, Pittsburgh roads are not user friendly. You can get lost really easily. There are one way streets everywhere, so if you made a wrong turn, good luck. I traveled this lonely road, and it was odd. There was a lot of graffiti and it looked like I was about to drive off into a field. I was under a bridge in East Liberty. I saw an interesting fusion of metal scraps attached to a street sign, and it was in the shape of a cube. I don’t know how it came to be, but I found it intriguing.

It made me think about how we have to look at life as a set of stairs, and that is the only way that we can climb to the next step up, we have to try. We have a choice; we can stay on the step we are on, or we can try try try to keep reaching higher up. It is in our reach, it is our choice. How can I obtain the goal of writing without trying? I simply must give myself a break and just be. Be yourself. DO the things you love to do. Go to poetry readings. Get involved in things. Don’t get down and don't ever give up. You are in the middle of that staircase.

Do you want to stay there, or do you want to see what the next step has to offer. The rest of the things in your life will come. If I fret over the things that I want that I don’t have, I will just be fretting and stuck on the step.
My life is my own. No one is experiencing this existence on the planet in the same way that I am right now. It is a unique experience in this vessel, in this mind. We are all connected in our journeys yet we are allowed this opportunity to live freely.


Friday, May 29, 2009

night sounds

distant train whistle
heavy deep breaths of my lover
kitty licks on her fur
traffic on the street
neighbor upstairs treads across squeaky floor
desperate shrieks come from the house next door.
a fight? crazy person?
She does this often-
when I can hear the night sounds
when my window exposes my ears
to the unsafe sounds
of the outside world
Better restful sleep
when the window is closed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A to Z (a writing exercise for me. . .)

A crisp fall day
Bill cuddles so comfy put me at ease
Curtains billow on a windy day
Desk in perfect order
Every moment I capture in a camera’s lense
Friends not too far away for a chat
Grew up in Paris
Hikes in the woods with the fam
Innocent childhood
Just being myself
Kilts worn by Scots
Letters from Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, and Kosovo
Make a fresh pot of tea
Nest in a tree
Ohio back roads
Popcorn from Pittsburgh Popcorn Company
Quest for perfection
Rusted Root at Bonnaroo
Shady Side art show on Walnut Street
Twins, red headed
Unquenched thirst for knowledge
Violin softly soars in a music hall
Whisper “I love you.”
X-cellent use of the letter X
Yell to be heard
Zoo close by, in Highland Park

Friday, May 15, 2009

getting started

My hours have been cut at work, so I now have a week day off, and it is the time to write. I don't know if it will be poetry, a novel, a children's book or a biography. I just want to write. Write my little heart out. I started today and it was kind of hard. But I figured that it is going to take some time. I am a little rusty. It will come back to me. There's no time like now. So, I begin my journey into my creativity and I am happy just to have the opportunity and the willingness. I also have a wonderful support group, my honey, my friends and family. I can do anything. I know it. I took a walk this morning to clear my head and began. Yay!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

little grins


yummy coffee

retro signs


curious cutie