Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday for me!

My big plans. . .

Cafe Au Lait and Breakfast Crepes at Crepes Parisiennes.

The last moment for a dying snowman. He is going down, the Pittsburgh heatwave is too much for him.

Next stop, Phipps Conservatory, to enjoy the orchids, and lush greeness.

Surprise dinner destination, LePommier! It is a romantic little French Bistro in the South Side of Pittsburgh. We had mussels, and a perfect dinner of duck with huckleberry and hazelnut sauce. So wonderful!

Friday agenda, CHECK! We did everything on my list, and then some and it was fantastic!

My parents came for a visit yesterday, and took us to this lovely little restaurant.

I had a great birthday! I feel so so loved!


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday. Loved your pictures. So glad you had such a warm, loved, cozy day!

Dallas Shaw said...

happy bday!


please sir said...

Happy Birthday - looks like a great time!