Sunday, January 4, 2009

i likey. . .

i went to the strip district for a little bit. it will always be one of my favorite pittsburgh places. i like the way it feels to walk around there. it has a good vibe and makes me smile. i started out without knowing that it was drizzling rain, so i didn't spend much time there.

The holidays are over and tomorrow it is time to go back to work. No more freebie vacation days. it is kind of dreary outside and it is chilly. i am avoiding the tv because i usually keep it on when i am home alone, for background noise. today, though, i just want peace. OK, spring. . .ready when you are! Actually, I guess this weather is all right. It makes you appreciate the nice days more. Instead of wishing your life away endure the cold and be glad you are here!

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Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful