Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's the most ________ time of the year. (fill in the blank with the appropriate word)

I just experienced the loveliness of human kindness while racing though the isles of Costco. OK, not really. I had to do some deep breathing exercises to avoid ramming people with my monster cart. Rudeness. People are flat out rude. I don't care who they are, the woman in the motorized wheel chair thing, especially rude. She was parked sideways in the main isle, so that no one could go past her, and if you tried she would move up or back just a little bit so that she was sure to block you. She was like a goalie with that thing. I wanted to hit her, but I refrained. So, the human kindness was there, it was me, not pushing her out of her chair. Gosh, I'm nice.
This time of the year can be unbearable. The bright part of the day is spent inside at work, and when you can come out of your cave on the weekend, the crowds can cause this girl to get a little hostile. Planning, traveling, baking, family, fa la la la la and the stupid holiday shoppers fa la la, la la la. I think I am going to do most of my shopping on-line this year, fa la la, la la la, la la LA!

It is so easy to lose sight of what the holidays COULD be. Not that they are EVER the way that they are depicted on "It's a Wonderful Life", at least not that I have witnessed first hand. Would we even really want it to be like that? It's more like "Dysfunction Junction". It feels more normal with the drama. The Kodak moments last about as long as a shutter on a camera, CLICK, Done.
What I would like the holidays to be is a time to enjoy the company of the ones we love and to see people we rarely see and wish you could more often. I miss my Jersey girl, and my Izzybug.
It doesn't matter where we are or how it happens, just as long as we are all together. Cherish the precious time! THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING OF ALL! The petty crap that people hold onto is asinine. If you kick the bucket tomorrow, who really cares that your aunt made a comment about your living in sin with your live-in LOV-A???
Here's another example of human kindness. . .yesterday, a minivan or some SUV type of vehicle backed right into my vehicle in the middle of Carson Street on the South Side of Pittsburgh yesterday evening. They hit my vehicle and stayed on the front end until the light changed and then. . .kept driving. They didn't even acknowledge that they had hit me. Well, have yourself a merry little Christmas, hit and run jerk. Have a jolly big mug of cat poo coffee.

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Stacey said...

I am cracking up! LOl- I had the same experience tonight while out making a few stops. Lovely. Can't wait for peace and quiet tonight once everyone is in bed.