Saturday, June 30, 2012

a new adventure

My life is changing again, another transition coming soon.  Maybe it's already here.  I've been preparing for it for a long time.  A gentleman who found me through this blog will be in Seattle soon, and I will be meeting him in the place where I was sitting when I was writing this journal entry.  Golden Gardens.  We will take a chance and see what happens.  This is not really a new beginning but a continuation of a story that has always been.  

I had to come to this place to heal, to take pictures, to share my experiences, to make wonderful friends, to see amazing concerts, to hike beautiful trails, to relax on my beach.  My beach, my dream location. . .when the weather is sunny and cheery, the Olympic Mountains sunset at Golden Gardens is so perfect and soul-renewing.

Sunsets, seaglass, sand all that is missing is holding your hand.  If you want something enough and put that love into the universe, it will find you.  There's no need to fear once the baggage from the past is exposed and worked through.  
Empaths become drained when they have too many demands on their emotions.  I realize that I am an empath, and that it has rewards and downfalls.  My job drains me.  People are angry and frustrated when they talk to me and their stress absorbs into me.  It is all I can do sometimes not to cry.  I long for freedom from this type of negativity.  I want more joy in my life.  When I sit by this water, the stress and tension slowly leave my body with the lapping waves.  The voice of this new suitor does the same.  He is a kindred spirit, giving and kind.  I am very excited to meet him.
I relaxed in a chair on the beach for a few hours today.  Absorbing and taking it all in.  I felt more relaxed today than I have in a long time.  Even in the midst of feeling very financially unstable, I have found peace.  I can't allow the stress of money to overwhelm me.  I can't allow the negativity of others to destroy my spirit.  The universe has brought lots of positive reinforcement these past few weeks for my art of photography, my soul-baring words and being completely connected with who I am through the kind words of new distant friends.  I am blessed.

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Jill said...

sitting here across the miles I read your words and picture your smiles.

we are all connected if we choose to see and finding you is special to me.

your words and your truth have lead you to places, blessed complete strangers with kind eyes and faces :-)

thanks for sharing another bit of your soul. xoxo