Tuesday, June 3, 2008


No one knows what the future holds. If we did, who would want to keep going? What is around the next corner? What obstacles lie ahead? Will I live a full and fulfilling life? Will I make a difference in some one's life? In the world? Is living day to day life not enough? What is going to happen to me? Am I someone I can be proud of? Why do my emotions get the better of me? How can I control them? Is it better to let it all out? I have such high expectations of what life should be. I want to write, I want to learn to play the guitar. To be in shape. To be with my love. To be a mommy. To be helpful to people who need help. To be a good person. I want to be happy. I need to remember to have faith. My love will endure. My strength will not fail. My path will lead to my home. My puzzle piece is my home.

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