Tuesday, June 17, 2008

newbury street

Boston is a cool city. There are a lot of old ghosts. I walked to the Back Bay neighborhood from Cambridge, to Newbury Street. A perfect summer day on a Saturday. There are well groomed women with their perfectly beautiful pets and children heading to the salon for pampering.

A shopper of unique boutiques dream come true. Tea shops, pottery shops, tons of clothing shops, and my very favorite Lush, homemade cosmetics. Bliss and rapture.
I walked the busy Boston streets as an observer but apparently appearing to some to be a local, receiving inquiries for directions. Friendly shop girls kept me from feeling lonely with questions about where I am from and why I am there.

I had Thai tea, an iced chai, peach tranquility tea from Teavana. Yummmmmm.

I stumbled upon the Shops at The Prudential Center and the beautiful Boston Public Library. I sat in the library courtyard resting, and people watched. I saw an Asian toddler chasing a bird around the fountain. (seen in the picture). I watched a young couple get engagement pictures taken, posing in front of the fountain. I listened to the languages around me and the conversations, and rested with my new found love for Boston.

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