Sunday, July 13, 2008


Growing up was hard. Being an adult is harder. Giving yourself a break and being your own best friend can be the hardest thing of all.
Hiding from yourself does not make things happen. Avoidance can stunt your growth. You have to pull out the weeds to allow the flowers to grow and if you don't change your perspective then you won't see just how beautiful the garden can become. Stop focusing on the ugliness of the weeds. Stand up and look out over the beauty in front of you. There is potential, there is hope.
Keep focusing on being the best you possible. A little growth does go a long way, but it is an ongoing process. Keep going, keep smiling, keep loving, keep growing. Change is not easy, it is not smooth, and it is not always going to be fun. But the feeling of peace that comes with the perseverance will be so worth it!

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