Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Having a hamster on a wheel day

I am feeling a little bit down today. Just want a break from the monotony. I am feeling like a trained hamster. I wake, I shower, I rush around, I feed, I work, I go home. Hit the repeat button. I would be fretting if there was no routine to my life and yet. . . Just having one of those days, I guess. Luckily, when I come home, I have someone worth coming home to, and he is wonderful at cheering me up and making the sad leave. Even when he is having a bad day too. (Today was one of those days for him too.) Nothing like getting called into work, doing something mindless and boring for hours and when you are done, there is a nice parking ticket waiting for you. Grrrrr!

I was watching the news the other day and I was mortified by the report I saw. A woman a couple of years older than myself, dead. She was hit by her kid's school bus. She had just kissed little Bobby goodbye and was heading back to her car on the crosswalk. Just a normal day, just a trained hamster day, cut short, lives changed forever. The camera focused in on her glasses that were lying on the road. They had to include in their report that she was not only hit once but twice because the driver didn't know that he or she had hit a person. The glasses really bothered me. How cold and inconsiderate.

I noticed that I have been developing a horrible case of road rage while driving through the city streets. People think that they are invincible and that their cars are indestructible. They pull out without any knowledge of others driving skills or whether or not the other party's brakes work. It takes me almost forty minutes to drive 9 miles to work. That is nuts! There is gridlock, construction, school buses running over moms, and aggressive a-hole drivers that want to run me down.

I almost hit a man with my truck a few weeks ago. He walked right out in front of my truck while I was going 25 miles an hour. I slammed on my brakes and my vehicle skidded sideways a little bit. The man did not even glance in my direction. I almost ended his life and he did not even care.

I got angry at a vehicle that stopped in the middle of the road one day. I wanted to know why he was inconveniencing me by leaving his open his car door in my way. When I stopped because I had no choice, I looked over to see that the man was actually stopping to help a woman who had fallen down on the sidewalk. He was helping her gather the things that she dropped and pulling her to her feet. I felt like an ass.

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