Thursday, June 24, 2010

Believe in miracles!

Aren't we all trying to find our place in this world, attempting to figure out where we fit in?

No matter what, you are the same person anywhere you go.  You can dance around the issues inside your head your whole life and never feel like you know who you are.  You can escape to a fantasy world; you can role play; you can go through the motions; you can force a smile when you feel empty inside.  Change must come from within.  Imagine how exciting it is to feel the smile on the inside!!

If you are miserable, figure out what is causing the imbalance and love yourself enough to find your own answers.  The personality that is woven into the fiber of your being is not something you caused or something you can beat yourself up about.  You do have a choice as an adult to let go of your childhood fears and insecurities that keep you from being who you want to be.  Find the courage to face your deepest fears. Prove to yourself that you are strong enough to battle the demons that hold you back! 

Peace comes with understanding. 

Find your own happiness!  Feel the joy that comes in knowing yourself.  When the confusion subsides, clarity soothes and the need for false comfort disappears.

Find your inner light and let it guide you. . .do not despair, there is ALWAYS HOPE! 

Believe in miracles!


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