Friday, August 13, 2010

I grieve

I climb to the top of the mountains with a heavy heart and all the emotions pour out in layers.  The tears flow for love lost.  For holding on to the sadness for so long.  For babies who are mistreated or not hugged enough.  For the souls left without nurturing.  For all the times I allowed others to hurt me.  For welcoming in self defeat, and putting myself in harm's way.  If I had not gone through it, I wouldn't have embraced the understanding.  I let go of a dream and soar to new dreams filled with hope.  I hold onto the realness of this journey.  All around me are opportunities to show love.  What can I do to make the experience of life better everyday?
I grieve and leave it all on that mountain top.  I don't need it anymore.  I am free.  Maybe the dreams that haunt me will also leave once I can fully accept and let go.  I grieve so that I won't carry this sorrow any longer on my life's journey.  The burden of sadness is too great, and it drags me down, hinders my spirit.  I know the only healthy way to cope is to embrace the hurt, hold it tightly until I have worked it out of my system, and gently release it for good.
I grieve.

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