Tuesday, September 7, 2010

where do I go from here?

I know that God wants me to take care of myself. 
Time of solitude is a trying time. 
What do I do with my time? 
Do I replay the past over and over in my mind and torture myself with "what if" thoughts and "should have", "would have", "could have"?

It does not lead to positive energy creation.

This does:
read encouraging and uplifting books
listen to soul enhancing music
meditation and prayer
cry if I need to cry, determine what brought on the tears and work through it.
go for a walk
drink lots of tea
coconut milk mango and key lime pie candles
sit on the porch in the late summer sunshine
cuddle with doggies
watch stupid movies
learn to love myself
appreciate what I do have and accept the blessings.

Don't forget to look up. . .

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