Sunday, February 10, 2013

while on the bus

light dark light
stand still
lay down
visual stimulation
others lives
the truth underneath the covers
try to break through
the surface
but it cannot permeate
the layer of lies
and deception
it's more fun to
imagine that everyone
else's lives are so much
more successful than your own
how depressing would it
be to unveil the grass as brown
instead of greener?

it's built into the green eyed
monster mentality
to create a dream
that couldn't be farther
from truth
stop looking
and get into the meaty center
of you
it's not found on the food network
or tips to live by
in someone's self help book
it's the flesh, the soul
the facts
we won't live two hundred years
some won't see next Christmas
and whatever this life
means to me
doesn't mean anything to you
and you wonder
what the cosmic bets are
in this tiny game that
lasts for centuries
what's it all mean?
too deeply involved in making breakfast
to worry about a crack
in my universe.

1 comment:

Jill said...

amazing. I can not wait to hug my soul sister someday! xxxx