Friday, June 7, 2013

a sacred place

I am sitting on a picnic table in one of the most magnificent places I've seen.  I'm in a remote spot only reachable by boat on Lake Chalen.  It is early morning, and I am the only one awake.  I have my tent set up away from the others.  In a perfect spot by the lake.

There's raging river beside me coming off of a mountain cascading down into the crystal blue lake.

There are snowcapped mountains with little trees lining the surface like a man's facial stubble in need of a shave.

There's a calm, peace and wondrous presence of God here.  So close to me right now.  Spiritual healing, continuously, working on my soul.  There's  no "arrival" moment, just constant testing, failure, success, confusion and letting go.

Moving forward, moving on.  What's my purpose on this planet?  I've been so blessed to enjoy the richness of beauty all around me.  I take in the brilliance of this secret place that my friends have shared with me because they love me and wanted me to experience it with them.

Here I am, God.  Mold me into who you want me to be.  I want to be a light and not allow anyone to take my light from me.  How do I take the next leap of faith?  Where do I go next?  How do I fit in?  

 This place is so wonderful-I am so honored to be in a sacred spot.  It moves me to tears of joy and it restores my soul.    Thank you God for making such a beautiful planet.  Thank you for making me.  I am so happy to experience each and every moment.  Thank you for making me so sensitive, it allows me to experience life so richly and fully.

I am living my dream!

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